Welcome Empower School of Health to the OpenLMIS Community

(Rebecca Alban) #1

Hello everyone,

I would like to take this opportunity to formally welcome the Empower School of Health as our newest OpenLMIS Trusted Partner! :clap: We are delighted to have their valuable expertise and look forward to hearing their ideas, contributions, and exploring areas for collaboration with the Community. As many of you know, Empower is a leading global organization based in India, and who focus on public health procurement and supply chain. They have been actively involved in the global health supply chain community for many years, providing capacity building, leadership and consulting services to organizations and governments across the globe.

Their primary points of contact for their involvement with OpenLMIS are:
Professor Paul Lalvani (Governance committee representative)
Sachin Jagtap (Governance/Product committee)
Siddharth Srivastava (Product Committee)

Empower has executed diverse projects in supply chain consulting which include diagnostic studies, strategy development, process improvement, LMIS and technology implementation, supply chain network redesign, warehouse engineering, new product introduction, market shaping studies and projects etc. across all areas of the supply chain from product selection to rational use of commodities in the last mile. Empower has been actively engaged in providing services and solutions for design, evaluation and effective roll out of eLMIS for its key partners and clients.

The key PSM solutions from Empower include:
• Research and Technical Assistance
• Learning and Development for building human resource capacity
• Health Systems Strengthening
• Supply chain operations consulting & including digital solutions (Conduct eLMIS Landscape Studies, LMIS Design & Selection, LMIS Development & Implementation, Data reporting and dashboards)

We look forward to collaborating with Empower to learn from their valuable experiences in optimizing digital solutions and human resources in public health supply chains!

Kind regards,
Rebecca Alban
OpenLMIS Community Manager

(Sachin Jagtap) #2

Dear Rebecca,

Thanks for the introduction. We look forward to being part of the community and contribute to the growth and development of OpenLMIS.

Best Regards,


(Paul Lalvani) #3

Hey OpenLMIS community, thanks for inviting Empower to join the group. Looking forward to meeting you virtually and physically–lmk if anyone will be attending the WHA in Geneva next week.