Where do the implementation-built extension modules live?

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I was looking at our docs concerning hosting of the extension modules built by implementations, but couldn’t find any guidance. Does anyone know what is the process for the implementations to host the extension modules they built?

The core, demonstration extension modules are published to the Nexus repo - Nexus Repository Manager

Should the implementations publish their extension modules there too? Or should they somehow set up their own repository where they keep their extensions?

If they use the core’s one, how do they get access to publishing to this repo? Are they required to use core’s CI to do so? Can they request the credentials be provided to them so they can upload themselves?

Looking forward to your answers. I think we should also document it somewhere for future reference.

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Hi @Sebastian_Brudzinski,

If I understand correctly, the place an implementation would host their extensions would be their repo’s for DockerHub (or other docker registry) and ASF’s Nexus repo (or other repo). Both are straightforward.

While it’d be possible to share the same repositories, it’s not really desirable nor sustainable for everyone, and it’s just one aspect that comes with setting up one’s own development team.

On the documentation piece I thought we had something, or at least linked to some of the Nexus docs. I’ll see if I can find this but I wouldn’t wait on it - it’s probably an area where we linked to documentation, and the process in Nexus may have changed.

Does that help answer your question?


Thanks, that clears it up!

Finding their docs isn’t exactly the easiest thing, but I think I got it now -
Registering for Sonatype OSSRH - OSSRH Guide (open source projects)
Nexus OSS self-hosted - Nexus Repository OSS - Software Component Management | Sonatype


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Hi @joshzamor,

I’ve created a ticket on OSSRH Sonatype’s Jira to create a repository for SELV.
I wanted to create group org.openlmis.selv, and they need someone with a deployer role of org.openlmis group to prove that I can create this sub-group - I guess it might be you.
Can you confirm that?

Sorry @JakubJakubowski , I lost track of this. Did you get a resolution to this?

Hi @joshzamor,
No, I didn’t get a resolution for this. They need someone with a deployer role of org.openlmis group to prove that I can create this sub-group org.openlmis.selv. Unfortunately, they closed the ticket already. If you can prove that, or know someone who can do that I’ll create this ticket again.
closed ticket

Hmm, where is SELV hosted @JakubJakubowski ? Is it a sub-domain to openlmis.org?

It’s www.selv.org.mz

Thanks @JakubJakubowski - I think their suggestion here makes sense, create a new group for “mz.org.selv”. While we could add it to org.openlmis, that means anytime SELV wants to publish something new they’d have to coordinate with OpenLMIS, which isn’t what the SELV project likely wants. Do you have easy DNS access? I think that’s what they’ll want to show group ownership.