Your inputs requested re: new OpenLMIS Service Model (PHMF)

Dear OpenLMIS Governance Committee Members,

As some of you may recall from previous conversations, one of our main work streams this year is focused around the idea of creating a common ‘Fund’ that future and existing OpenLMIS implementations pay into in order to subsidize the maintenance of the OpenLMIS core. This new service model will offer governments options for enterprise class services on an annual subscription basis. These subscriptions will provide enhanced software support, training opportunities, and access to customized tools that are part of the OpenLMIS global core. For now we are calling this a ‘Public Health Maintenance Fund’ (PHMF).

This is a concept that, with your inputs and feedback, we hope to refine over the coming weeks and then start to socialize with relevant global stakeholders.

Our request of you: Please take a look over page 1-2 of our Proposed PHMF Attributes google doc, which outlines our proposed service tiers and associated services. You all have access to suggest changes, and can add comments/feedback directly into the document. Do these attributes seem realistic? desirable/not useful? confusing? All feedback is welcome!

We will also be discussing this at our upcoming governance call because your inputs will be crucial to help us validate this concept. We ask that you provide feedback on this by next Thursday July 30th

We look forward to your thoughts and ideas around this new concept and discussing further at our August Governance Committee call.